Cultivating a stylish garden that won’t become dated by the time a season ends is a complex task. From box balls to garden beds, various gardening styles have come and gone without making much of an impact on the world of gardening. These trends become exciting because of the modernity they bring to a garden space. Having the next big thing in your garden is certainly something to be proud of but what happens when the novelty wears off or what’s in vogue changes?

Here’s our guide to creating simple and timeless looks that will help you enjoy your outdoor space for many years.

Channel the art of feng-shui:

Simplicity is the key to designing your garden space and less is more with this look. A feature flowerbed or a beautiful stone statue becomes overlooked when placed amongst multiple other focal points. This is where the simplicity and principles of feng shui come into play. Reducing the number of items in your garden helps highlight those that are more important, opening up space in your garden. The philosophy means wind and water, the source of all life energy (chi),

by creating balance and harmony you can encourage a good chi flow. Consider creating a feng shui roadmap for your garden called a Bagua symbolizes how your environment is connected to your life. The five elements of earth, fire, wood, water, metal are also important to incorporate, these can give beautiful and considered features such as a water fountain or a firepit.

Be one with nature: 

Britain is host to a wide range of wildlife. Why not take advantage of that by bringing it into you garden. By setting up bird feeding stations your garden can grow to become a buzzing ecosystem. Attracting certain types of birds or animals keeps your garden pest free helping it stay in a better condition. By creating large and colourful flower beds you’ll be able to bring pollinators like bees to your garden keeping it healthy. Get your little ones interested in nature by turning old pots into insect homes. Task them with collecting twigs, dry leaves and moss to fill the pots with to attract those tiny critters, establishing your very own bug hotel and providing a constant source of interest for curious minds.

Add a splash of colour: 

Using a range of vibrant colours can really make your garden stand out. Complementary colours or colour schemes can add organisation to a garden without having to compromise space. A way this can be done is through the use of exotic flowers. Affordable exotic plants like hedychiums and dragon flowers can set your garden apart from traditional British plants, giving it more originality without having to spend a lot. The use of exotic flowers also diversifies the pollination of your local area which in turn will produce a wider range of flowers for your garden.

Another part of your garden you can add colour to are your fences and sheds. Give these functional pieces a new lease on life by adding bright wood paints that’ll help them stand out from the crowd.

Get rustic:

Instead of spending lots of money on new paving slabs, decking or new furniture, why not look around salvage yards for interesting and unique materials to give your garden a real point of difference? Old church pews and farmhouse tables can make striking furniture features when painted or decorated with ornate tiles. Recycled york stone flags can create character around

patios, whilst reclaimed timber is ideal for raised beds and entertaining areas. Using a classic belfast sink for either plant arrangements or a water feature is great way to link the inside of your home with the outside. By hanging a collection of vintage mirrors in a group on a blank wall or fence will instantly brighten and increase the size of your garden