Bringing Seasonal Festivities into the Home

The Autumn winds are beginning to blow, the leaves will soon start to turn a shade of golden brown, and Bonfire Night and Hallowe’en are fast approaching. What better time to transition your home interior ready to keep you cosy as the nights begin to draw in.

Modern, contemporary, minimalist and industrial are four of the most popular interior designs, but what really makes a room feel like home are the combined elements chosen by you. Having an open-plan spacious living area allows for so many opportunities to get creative. For instance, if the clean minimalist look is your chosen vibe then natural decor such as plants will help enhance the room.

Colours are the best way to express your flare in the home and the shades you choose can really influence your mood. Green symbolises harmony, growth and safety meanwhile red is associated with power, strength and desire. Consider reimagining your colour tones to suit your state of mind. Warm shades such as terracotta paired with moody greys give a room an autumnal feel, which can create a really cosy atmosphere – especially when complemented by throws, cushions and soft furnishings using British heritage inspired textiles. Transitioning furnishing with neutral shades of serenity to the harvest dark wood accents will also guarantee relaxing evenings!

If a major interior design project isn’t on the cards, even the smallest of changes to interior design can transform a room. Treat yourself to a new lamp or a rug to set the mood to embrace those cosy evening wrapped in a warm blanket.