Expect the unexpected: the hidden costs of buying an older home

Should you buy old, or should you buy new? It’s a question that homebuyers have been debating for years, but we believe it’s a bit of a no brainer and so do our happy buyers Mel and Kyle who have chosen to buy new… Buying an older home can come with a whole host of hidden horrors that are impossible to predict and can put a serious strain on your finances!

So, before you make the decision, here are five things to consider about old versus new:

  • Kink in the chain – Buying an older property can entail a long chain, which adds to the stress of buying a home and can often result in a sale falling through. The most obvious benefit of a new build property is that they don’t have a seller attached, meaning that the buyer can sit back, relax and get excited about moving into their new home.
  • The money pit – With an older home, buyers often inherit major repairs such as rewiring, drainage blockages, cracked walls, leaking roofs and outdated boilers, all of which can set you back thousands of pounds in putting them right. However, new home owners have none of these nightmares to contend with, the biggest decision they have to make is what stylish kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings they are going to choose.
  • Devil in the detail – Stripping back and replacing the decor, fixtures and fittings in older homes can be both costly and time consuming. Perhaps that woodchip wall paper, artex ceiling or garish patterned carpet isn’t to your taste, but can you swallow the price tag attached to update your home to the modern standard you want? New build homeowners, however, can walk into a blank canvas but beware there still might be alterations needed and money to be spent. Not with a Countryside home though! Our ‘Homes with WOW’ specification comes with a whole host of standard items included in the price such as integrated fridge freezer, double oven, full height bathroom tiling, bathroom vanity units and mirrors, spotlights, turf and fencing. Meaning your dream home is ready and waiting without having to spend an extra penny.
  • Energy efficiency – Older homes aren’t always adequately insulated and don’t necessarily benefit from double glazing, whereas new builds must comply with the latest building regulations, ensuring the most up-to-date heating systems and insulation. A new Countryside home is 200% more energy efficient than an older property, which can save hundreds of pounds on energy bills each year.
  • Warranties – All of our new homes carry the NHBC 10-year warranty, so the quality of your new home is automatically insured against any issues, giving you complete peace of mind. Older homes however, do not benefit from such a warranty and, as the new owner, you’re responsible for any problems that you inherit from day one.

Come and take a look around our showhomes and experience the benefits for yourself.