It’s that time of year again when we’re ready to throw open the windows, shrug off our winter woollies and get busy with the annual Spring clean. It’s amazing how much clutter, dirt and grime we can accumulate over the course of a year, particularly in those places that we tend to forget as part of our regular cleaning routine. So we thought it would be helpful to give what we think are the five most useful tips for getting your house looking like a showhome, so pop on your marigolds, turn up the tunes and get ready for some serious sparkle and shine.

Now let’s be honest, the weekly housework is definitely a chore but when it comes to the annual big Spring clean, we all seem to like to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in. Some of us go at it with a chaotic frenzied attack, while others with a well thought out plan of action. You might even be getting your home ready to sell, so here’s our top five hacks for making a difference to your operation.

  • Bag it and bin it. This sounds a bit simple, but many don’t start with the basic and most important aspect of decluttering first before any cleaning is done. A Spring clean means a fresh start, so don’t go hiding things in any empty space available. Go through drawers and cupboards to find expired medications, foods past its sell by date, throw away odd socks, takeaway menus, decant the same multiple products into one and only keep a realistic amount of items that you will actually use – plastic containers are a good example.
  • Out of the closet. Be ruthless with your wardrobe and if you haven’t worn something in a year and you don’t love it, then it’s time to donate it to charity. Anything that you won’t need for the next six months consider storing in the loft using vacuum bags, clearing space so your storage isn’t bursting at the seams allows you to better organise your clothes into outfits and occasions, saving time and money.
  • For more than just washing dishes. There are so many household items that you can put in your dishwasher to give a super hot deep clean. Our favourite – kids plastic toys (without batteries), especially those from the bathroom, keeping them safe and hygienic for your little ones to play with time and time again. Also great for flip flops, makeup and hair brushes and dog toys.
  • Smelling fresh. There are three essential products that are non toxic, cheap and widely available that will keep your home smelling fresh – Bicarbonate of Soda, lemons and white vinegar. Bicarb can be sprinkled on your carpets and mattresses for a few hours and then vacuumed to eliminate any stale odours. Lemon will leave taps, ovens, sinks and showers grime free and super sparkly. Vinegar combined with bicarb is brilliant at cleaning ovens, dishwashers, showerheads and washing machines.
  • Avoid stinky sponges. After spending so much elbow grease on getting your house ship shape, don’t fall at the last hurdle. Cleaning sponges are often forgotten, they end up stinky and germ infested, so to save money (and the whiff) give them a blast in the microwave every few days with a dab of washing liquid on them to disinfect and they will stay fresh and clean for weeks.

Happy cleaning folks!