How to create the perfect feature wall in your home

Supercharge your decor this season with a stunning and captivating feature wall! From sizzling metallics to industrial cladding, our team is giving you the inside scoop on creating the perfect feature wall, in just five easy steps.

Step One: The Perfect Spot

Any wall can be transformed into a spectacular design – you don’t need a fireplace or architectural quirks to create a feature wall, simply pick a single wall and start planning. Remember, this wall is where the eye will be drawn to when you first enter the room, so don’t introduce one into a space that’s already furniture heavy, as it’ll be too confusing for the eye.

If you’re unsure about which wall to select, try laying out your furniture how you would like it to look once complete and work backwards from there. If you’re planning on having a brightly coloured focal point, then consider having it behind the sofa or headboard. This will help to balance out the area, as having it in front of you could be too overpowering.

Step Two: Plan your Furniture

Think about the furniture in your room and how the space will look once your stunning feature wall is complete. Consider the area’s natural traffic flow and the overall size of the room – even the most beautiful room can fall short is the furniture is badly arranged.

If you’re preparing to buy new furniture, ensure that you plan it carefully. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this room and what do you need to be comfortable in it? Don’t be afraid to try out different furniture arrangements and remember that some empty space can be a good thing. You needn’t fill every inch of the room, as too much clutter will feel messy and claustrophobic.

Step Three: Fabulous Themes

Your home decor is a direct reflection of your personality, so if you don’t love it then it isn’t working. This is your special space, so take the time to explore different themes and find the one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re a lover of botanical motifs or a fan of industrial textures, pick your favourite style and stick to it. Mixing contrasting themes will create a feeling of ‘clutter’ and your space will no longer feel relaxing.

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Step Four: Colour Consideration

Whilst we wouldn’t paint an entire room fire red or sky blue, feature walls are the perfect opportunity to inject beautifully bold colours into a room, but on a smaller scale. Before picking your feature colour, think about the room’s primary function. For example, calmer colours such as neutrals or pastels belong in the bedroom to create a relaxing space. Whilst brighter colours are suited to more ‘active’ rooms.

Before committing to a colour theme, narrow it down to three shades and get some test pots so you can trial them in your home. A colour that looks perfect in store can look very different in your home, which will likely have different lighting.

Step Five: Accessorize

Put the finishing touches on your feature wall with luxurious accessories. For example, if you’ve opted for a metallic style, then hanging mirrors or bronze picture frames is a great way of theming your room.

Placing some complimentary soft furnishings around the room will also help to set the theme, but don’t go overboard otherwise you will take the focus away from the wall. Try combining a bold feature wall with a few cushions and candles in a similar colour for a simple, yet effective seasonal update.