It’s the People Who Make the Places

Everyone has the right to experience the enormous sense of pride that comes with home ownership – a space that’s truly yours to enjoy. But what is it exactly that makes a house a home? Whether it be the house design or the community vibe, here at Countryside we aspire to create places that people love to be proud of. In fact 90% of Countryside customers have said that they’d happily recommend us to a friend! So, what sets Countryside apart from the rest?

Aside from the impressive specification that comes with each of our homes, community engagement plays a huge role in the development of our new neighbourhoods. We strive to work closely with local residents to form strong relationships, therefore enabling us to truly understood the needs of the people that we’re building for.

Take our Norris Green development for example, NGV Liverpool received an overwhelmingly  warm welcome from nearby residents due to the strong relationships formed prior to its launch. How did we achieve this? Through a number of outreach initiatives, including ongoing health and safety assemblies with the local primary schools and collaboration with other local services.

Monksdown Primary School sits at the very heart of the NGV Liverpool development and many of our youngest residents currently attend the school. Head Teacher Stephanie Gough said: “The transformation of NGV Liverpool has brought with it significant benefits to the local area and its residents. It’s been wonderful to witness what was once a run-down area flourish into a thriving neighbourhood that families can grow within.”

Placemaking is at the very core of everything that we do, which aims to benefit the future families that will ultimately transform our housing developments into thriving neighbourhoods. Simply put, building communities is what we do best.

But don’t just take our word for it, ask neighbours Karen and Megan at our Heyfields development, in Walkden. This pair moved into their new Countryside homes over the same weekend and have since developed a strong friendship through regular catch ups and sharing communal spaces.

Karen said: “The way that the development is designed means that all the houses in our cul-de-sac are facing each other, which makes it feel much more friendly and close-knit. Since moving in we’ve become good friends with all eleven houses, which is lovely. There’s a real community feel here – we even have a group chat which is great because we all help each other out.”

So, what does make a house a home? In our opinion, it’s the people! It’s the first time buyers that settle down to start a family, the friendly faces that live next door and the community that we become part of when we make those exciting steps of buying a new home.