With the latest statistics from ONS confirming that one in five houses in Britain are now semi-detached, 20% of all UK home owners share walls, a garden and sometimes even a driveway with their neighbours. In fact, two buyers at our Heyfields development have not only become fast friends, but now share a lawnmower and a rota to split their shared gardening duties! Here’s their story…

Neighbours Karen (36) and Megan (27) have formed an amazing friendship after moving into their adjoining semi-detached, three-bed Ellesmere homes, in the popular and lively suburb of Walkden, Greater Manchester, over the same weekend.

Megan said: “Once we’d all moved in, Karen invited us round for a BBQ and we clicked straight away. We share a garden, so decided to split the cost of a lawnmower – we’ve even created a rota to split the gardening duties between us. I’ve always wanted neighbours that I could be friends with, so the sociable atmosphere is a huge bonus.”

Megan, who previously rented a flat in Sale with partner Dale (30), added: “The way that the development is designed means that all the houses in our cul-de-sac are facing each other, which makes it feel much more friendly and close-knit.

Karen said: “This is the first home that my partner and I have purchased together, and we’re extremely impressed with the specification. Since moving in we’ve become good friends with all eleven houses in our cul-de-sac, which is lovely.

“There’s a real community feel here – we even have a group chat on Whatsapp, which is great because we all help each other out. We also arrange regular group outings, go for meals and we even had a party for the Love Island final!”

Both couples used the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, which enabled them to purchase their new homes with just a 5% deposit.

At Countryside, we aim to build places people love and places where residents can feel right at home and a part of their own communities, so we are delighted that such great friendships have been formed already at Heyfields.

The vision for all our developments has always been to create vibrant neighbourhoods that would see local families thrive and grow for many years to come. So, it’s fantastic to see that these buyers have formed such strong bonds with their neighbours and we wish Karen and Megan the very best of luck in their new homes!