Location, location, location!

When it comes to house hunting, location is one of the most important considerations when selecting your forever home. But what does the perfect place look like? Each Countryside development is designed based on all the factors our homeowners want, both now and in the future. So, to get you started on your dream home hunt, we’ve pulled together this handy guide for spotting a future property hotspot…


First time buyers in particular are often priced out of ‘desirable’ locations, due to fierce competition in the property market. However, checking out that new neighbourhood being developed just a few miles down the road can turn out to be a savvy investment. Why? New communities that neighbour an already popular location have a favourable chance of becoming an extension of that area. The high demand, mixed with too few houses, often results in the community spilling out into the surrounding areas. 


An area earmarked for regeneration means that the local authority has deemed the area worthy of significant investment and will therefore team up with developers, like Countryside, to rejuvenate the area. Regeneration not only brings affordable housing into an area, but it attracts investment from other businesses, meaning a brand new selection of bars, restaurants and shops right on your doorstep – not to mention employment opportunities! Plus, once an area has completed its ‘facelift’, there’s real potential for property prices to increase, whilst encouraging further investment into the surrounding neighbourhoods; benefiting those who bought their homes during the transformation. 

City Living 

When it comes to new build housing, brownfield land is often the first choice for development. For those who love city living, you’re likely to find your dream home on a newly developed brownfield site. Land such as this tends to be found in, or near, city centres, meaning it already benefits from excellent transport links and a variety of local amenities and services. Not only that, but the development of brownfield land has the power to make the surrounding areas even more desirable, making it a solid investment into your future. 

Remember, once you have identified a potential location for your new home purchase, don’t delay. Developments in the above locations are usually snapped up quickly, so take a look around our up-and-coming new homes across the North West and West Midlands and find a place that you will love for years to come.