Manchester Homeowners Miss ‘Home Comforts’

Manchester homeowners have been dubbed the region’s most home sick holidaymakers following our North West survey, which revealed that Mancunians are more likely to miss ‘home comforts’ than any city in the region.

Last month, we set out to discover how many homemakers believe that there’s ‘no place like home’, with 82% of Mancunians admitting to cancelling plans with friends in favour of spending ‘me time’ at home.

What’s more, a quarter of respondents admitted to taking annual leave from work once every six months to enjoy some time alone – this is compared to just 6% in other North West counties.

When it came to the city verses the suburbs, Greater Manchester’s suburbanites were the most likely to miss home when holidaying abroad. In fact, 100% of those living in South Manchester claimed to miss sleeping in their own beds, compared to 87% of residents in the city.

Residents living in South Manchester were also the most likely to have a room to themselves away from family, and 67% admitted that they miss their own bathroom when on holiday.

Over half of Salfordians miss having a cup of tea, whereas a quarter of those living in Stockport said that they miss their pets most when they’re away.

When it came to designing their dream room, homeowners in the city centre and Salford fantasise about a walk-in wardrobe, whereas those in Stockport desire a personal gym / fitness room and Trafford families lust after a quiet outdoor space.

When asked ‘what do you think makes your house a home?’ One participant wrote; “the memories you make and the pictures you put on the wall.” Another believes that home is when “personality is reflected in the décor.”

*Survey of 1,500 North West homeowners