2020: The Year to Live Greener with Countryside

Buying ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and sustainable products has never been more important to us as consumers. But just how much does our carbon footprint factor into the decision making when it comes to buying a house? We approached the nation with our Live Greener survey to find out and discovered that climate change was considered important by a whopping 84% of respondents. So 2020 truly is the year to Live Greener with Countryside!

The environmental impact of our choices as consumers has become as important as cost for many buyers, so it’s no surprise that we want to look after the planet when it comes to the single biggest purchase we will ever make – buying a new house. In fact, our Live Greener survey* found that an incredible 81% of people are determined that their home be made from sustainably sourced materials.

As a responsible house builder, this is music to our ears. We take great care to design and build homes that are sustainable, harness new technology and include energy saving features to keep our homes’ carbon emissions as low as possible. With timber frames that use responsibly sourced wood and high performance energy efficient features built-in as standard, the carbon footprint of our homes is approximately 89% lower than an equivalent 1930s property.

Of course, saving money will always be high on the list of priorities and with this in mind, our survey found that 67% of people consider a property’s energy efficiency rating when buying a new home. Over half of respondents were also surprised to find that a Countryside home could save as much as £1,723** a year on energy bills, using an incredible 705%** less energy.

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We achieve this through a range of features including best-in-class boilers, high performance insulation and double glazing and low energy LED lighting. Every Countryside home also comes with a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system, which provides the home with continual filtered fresh air to create healthier and cleaner homes.

* Live Greener with Countryside Survey, 1500 respondents.** When compared with an equivalent 1930s property