7 top safety tips for home security month

In all the new home excitement, home security often gets pushed to the back of the priority list. Whilst not as glamorous as planning your interior design, it’s important to take some time to consider all your home security options. With October being home security month, we thought we’d get a head start with this handy home safety guide for ultimate peace of mind. 

Windows and doors
Unsurprising, most burglaries occur due to an unlocked door or window. Ensuring that you’ve locked every entry point is the single, most vital step when it comes to home security. 

In fact, according to the Home Security Month website, 74% of burglars break-in through the front door! Keep an eye on external doors for wear and tear and ensure you replace any old doors that aren’t up for the job anymore. For all you looking at a Countryside home, you’ll be happy to know that our homes come complete with BS 3621 standard door lock (look out for the kitemark) and UPVC windows with double glazing. This not only makes them tougher, and therefore more secure, but also helps to reduce heat loss. 

Intruder Alarm 
It’s an absolute must that every home has an intruder alarm. Not only is it a deterrent, but it also keeps your neighbours alerted of any suspicious activity, which is why all Countryside homes are fitted with a high quality alarm system. 

Neighbourhood Watch 
Creating places people love is what we do. So, it’s no surprise that this would be our favourite home security essential! Getting to know your neighbours not only creates a close-knit community, but it also sets the foundation for an effective neighbourhood watch scheme. What could ease your mind more than knowing your neighbours are watching out for your property while you’re jetting off to far away destinations. 

Outdoor lighting  
Combat darker evening with motion sensor lighting. Keeping darker areas well-lit will not only alert you to movement outside your home, but also your neighbours. Plus, the motion sensor aspect means you don’t have to remember to switch them on and won’t waste energy.

Garden furniture
You’d be surprised just how often people leave ladders and garden furniture inside an unsecured shed. These items can be used to gain access through higher windows, so ensure any furniture are ladders are out-of-sight by locking them away in your home or in a secure garage. 

Social savvy 
Home security isn’t limited to your house. Social media has become a huge factor in our day-to-day lives, so seeing live updates from our friends’ most recent getaway on our Instagram timelines isn’t an unusual sight. But did you ever consider that those pictures are also highlighting to potential thieves that our homes are empty? Check out our blog on social media safetyfor information on how to avoid putting your home at risk through social media. 

Not just Intruders
It’s not just intruders that can put your home at risk. Check your smoke alarms annually to ensure that they are working and in good condition. Have a home security tip we’ve missed? Join the conversation by tweeting us @Countryside_NWif you’re in the North and @Countryside_Midfor the Midlands.