From beautifully bold motifs to amazing artisan accents, interior designers are predicting this year’s hottest trends and we couldn’t be more excited! To help you rejuvenate your home in 2018, we’ve picked out our four favourite fads that are tipped to be huge in 2018.

Heavy Cabinetry  

“Possibly people’s backlash to open shelving but I’m seeing a renewed appreciation for cabinetry.” With open-plan layouts on the rise, interior designer Lauren Liess tells us to expect lots of stunning, heavily cabineted kitchen designs this year as we wave goodbye to cluttered ‘open’ cabinet layouts and embrace minimalist kitchen decor. We can also leave the previously popular stark white style in 2017 and instead embrace wood tones and warm neutral palettes, such as blues, grays and creams.

Artisan Textures

Continuing on from last year, texture is set to be huge again this season! Craft enthusiasts will be thrilled to witness this textured trend take on an artisan twist with embellishments and appliqué details. Whether it be woven furniture, metal finishes or macramé cushions, playing around with these contrasting textures is key to perfecting this style.

Tropical Prints

Retro Swiss cheese plants are a must-have when embracing the ever-evolving tropical trend this season. This year, focus on a beautiful energising green palette with dark furniture to really make your decor pop. Think large scale leaf prints, safari motifs and exotic birds against sophisticated charcoal walls and backdrops.

Dreamy Velvet

2018 is all about luxury decor, and no fabric says that more than velvet. New York designer Elaine Griffin called it this year’s ‘it’ fabric, particularly in rich jewel tones like sapphire, emerald and amethyst. Both elegant and child-proof, poly-blend velvets are perfect for family homes as they’re less likely to stain compared to their pure cotton counterparts.