‘Is your home Christmas ready?’: Top tips to be the perfect festive party host’

Staying in is the new going out this festive season with more and more homeowners opting to enjoy a fun-filled night in with their friends, over a night on the town. For those of you planning on playing host, we’ve pulled together this handy guide to being the perfect festive party host.

Clean up:
Ensure your home is clean and clear of clutter before your guests arrive to ensure they have enough space to spread out. Also, check that you’ve cleared out enough space in your fridge for party essentials. Still not enough room? The colder weather means that buckets of ice on your garden table will keep your bubbly chilled all night.

Taking you from movie night to party animal with the flick of a switch, nothing sets the mood quite like the right lighting. Using yellow or gold bulbs in your lamps will create a warm and playful atmosphere, helping to beat those seasonal blues and maintain the excitement into the early hours. Think string lights, lanterns, table lamps and candles for the perfect festive vibe.

A sit-down area is a must-have for any party! Create some extra warmth for your guests by providing a cosy setting to sit back and relax in. There’s no need to change up your entire decor, just have a look for portable items that can be stored away when you’re not playing host – such as pouffes, cane chairs, soft cushions and bean bags.

Selfie Space:
Go the extra mile for your guests by creating a selfie corner with plenty of props and wall decorations for all-night entertainment – all the fun of a selfie booth but without the price tag!

Be respectful of your neighbours and ensure the noise is kept at a reasonable level. Whilst many of your neighbours may be at your party, there will be those who are not in attendance that may not appreciate the loud music and rowdy guests while trying to put their children to bed.