Nursery design ideas for your new arrival

With the royal baby due to arrive any day now, our interior designers have been celebrating this momentous milestone by creating a guide to practical, yet adorable, nursery design. After all, nothing quite beats the excitement of planning for the arrival of a new baby! For all you expectant parents out there, here’s some top tips from our experts on creating a nursery fit for a Prince or Princess.

Pick a Theme
Setting yourself a theme like an ‘enchanted forest’ or ‘nice and nautical’ will stop you from getting too carried away when designing your nursery. From furniture to wall decals, each piece is just as cute as the last so a theme will help you feel confident in the choices you’ve made and avoid unnecessary pieces, whist keeping the overall look cohesive and considered.

Create a Focal Point
Most nurseries are designed to draw attention to the crib, but this isn’t a strict rule. Babies generally spend a lot of time in their crib, so the ceiling can make an excellent focal point that not only compliments the room’s design, but also provides stimulation for baby. Consider painting the ceiling a soothing colors, design a ceiling mural that enhances your theme or even install foliage to bring the room to life.

Be Practical
If possible, try to pick a room that’s close to your own – you’ll be thankful for this during those late night feeds! Not only that, but the room itself needs to be practical for everyday use. Of course you want your nursery to look beautiful, but ensure you don’t substitute substance for style. Ensure you’ve factored all of the baby essentials into the overall design, as well as considering your own comfort by including a cosy corner with a feeding chair, foot rest and lamp for nighttime nursing and bedtime stories, plus a changing area that doesn’t require bending your back.

Dress those windows
Babies have unique sleeping patterns, so installing blackout curtains or blinds in the nursery will enable your little one to sleep longer and more comfortably. Plus, it’ll prevent the room from getting too hot on a sunny summer day.