What’s hot for 2019: Interview with Countryside’s Interior Designer

With the festive season just around the corner, we caught up with interior designer Katie Barrett, from the The Design House, who gave us the inside scoop on the biggest interior trends for the year ahead and how to get started on designing your dream decor…

When starting a new project, where do you get your inspiration? 

It really varies to be honest, as inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere! Whilst we’re always on the hunt for new products and designs that bring something different to the table, inspiration often hits at random times – for example, at a restaurant, on holiday or simply reading a magazine. Plus, seasonal catwalk designs are a huge indication of what decor styles will be popular, as fashion and interiors are really intertwined.

“Unlimited inspiration does also have its challenges. By this I mean that you want to create something beautiful that stands out, but you also need the customer to relate to the design. Interiors that are too ‘out there’ can often make it difficult for a person to picture themselves in that home. Also, when working with showhomes, you’re dressing similar layouts and room shapes that need to look different from the last. It’s a challenge, but it’s the best kind of challenge!”


What’s been your favourite interiors trend in 2018? 

“Definitely brass! When done right, brass accents can be really beautiful and luxurious. Metallic elements like gold, copper and brass have had bad connotations in the past, but people are starting to appreciate that they can be used in creative and stylish ways.

“I think people are becoming a lot braver and more confident in how they express themselves – from music to fashion and, of course, interiors. As a result, we’re seeing some bolder colours enter our homes. Grey will always have a place in decor, but we’re starting to embrace styles that, even just a year ago, people wouldn’t have entertained. For example, velvet has become one of the most popular fabrics for interiors, along with rich emerald, navy blue and shocking pink colour palettes.”


Do you have a room that you enjoy designing the most? 

“Children’s bedrooms are by far the most fun and exciting to design. With the master bedroom, for example, the design tends to follow a similar format based on the needs of the average adult. Kids’ rooms just don’t have those same restrictions. Your only limitation is your own imagination, so you can really let it run wild! It’s an amazing opportunity to get creative and play around with items that just wouldn’t sit right in any other room – for example, a treehouse bed or a quirky train set feature.

“The lounge is another room that tests your creativity, as it’s arguably the most important. When  viewing a home, the lounge is often the first room that you enter so it needs to impress. Once you’ve perfected the look and feel of the lounge, then the rest of the home will fall together.”

What are your predictions for interior design in 2019? 

“With its centenary approaching, art deco continues to inspire artists across all industries – from buildings to fashion – and I expect that we’ll continue to see stunning geometric shapes and intense colour schemes throughout the New Year.

“Panelling is another element that’s looking strong for 2019. Not necessarily ‘country home’ style panels, but more clever placements to create runway effects or to cover LEDs. People have also been experimenting so much more with colour by mixing rich colours like burgundy and emerald with softer pastel hues – a brave combination that can really pay off when done right.”

Finally, do you have any decor advice for first time buyers on a budget? 

“The best advice I can give to any new homeowner is simple, yet often overlooked…Plan your layout. Most people will buy furniture without looking at the bigger picture. They’ll buy each item as an individual piece, then find that they don’t work together visually or practically.  It’s amazing how quickly you can fall out of love with a piece when it doesn’t match the rest of your home!

“Remember, you don’t need everything straight away. Any room can look amazing, so take your time and really work with the space that you have. Creating mood boards will help to establish what could work best in your space, with the end result being a home that’s 100% you.”