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The opportunity to choose your finishing touches is a real highlight for our buyers, it’s a chance to put a splash of personality into your new blank canvass. If you’ve never been through this experience before, we’ve pulled together a helpful step-by-step guide to tailoring your new home to your...

First time buyers Luke (25) and his wife Chelsey (24) have just bought their dream home with us. To help other buyers currently going through the same process, the pair sat down with us over a cuppa to chat all things new builds, buying in lockdown, and making the right...

For so many of us, this year has redefined the very nature and meaning of ‘home’. We’ve all had time to reflect on what we need and want from our homes so it’s been a priority for us at Countryside to find out more about these changing attitudes and understand...

When 24-year old rugby talent, James Chaplehow and his partner Olivia Redmond found their perfect home, they realised it was Countryside’s high scoring specification that had come out on top of all other competitors. Read on to find out why it was a clear win for the Blyth. James (24)...

Many of us will have been too afraid to use darker colours in our interior design creations for fear that they will make a spacious room suddenly feel boxed-in. To help myth-bust this common misconception, we’ve been speaking to our fabulous interior design partners at Killer5. Read on to discover...

2020 has been an unprecedented year in all aspects of life, and this goes for the property market too. Over the last few months, buyers have been searching in their thousands, all hoping to secure their new dream home. So what’s been driving the trend? Scott Howitt, Sales Director at...

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